My name is Ian Watt,
and I want to be a good human.*

 This is me being cool in my LA socks.

☝🏼 I take everything seriously in my l.a. socks



Director & Creative at
Stink Studios


Recording Artist as
Could Ever






*How To Be A Good Human - A Running List

Don't Just Love An Object, Love A Lover. Be Magnanimous. Be Aware (self Aware). Desire To Learn. Pursue Beauty And Meaning. Create. Constantly Grow And Develop. Love Wisdom. Be Strong In Faith. Love Community. Seek The Good In Others. Be Generous. Build Things That Last. Love What You Build. Inspire Leadership By Being A Model Leader. Change Your Way Of Thinking. Change Your Way Of Working. Ask People To Follow You. Do Life With Other People. Enjoy Your Meals. Enjoy Your Commute. Engage With Your Space. You Are Organic, Be Organic. Transform On A Regular Basis. Like Different Things. Exercise The Cognitive. Exercise The Natural. Exercise The Spiritual. Welcome Feedback, It's The Breakfast Of Champions. Explore More. Capture More. Capture Less. Experience More. Live For The Impossible.