Part of my approach to filmmaking revolves around mobility: how do I get the best gear for the job in the least amount of space?

I've been on so many shoots where I spend hours prepping gear, developing an over-complicated rig, only to end up stripping everything back down to what I actually need.


For the majority of my film work, I've operated out of a single backpack. The classic, old school, velcro-insert bag. My process has become so defined by this simplicity, I re-branded my creative work under the moniker "Backpack Video".

Then I came across Gobag and was immensely curious.


The design. The technology. The ruggedness. I had to try it for myself.


I reached out about my upcoming trip to Greece and they sent me some bags. 🙌🏼

The bag you see me wearing in the video fit everything I brought - both for the trip and for the film.



Director, Cinematographer, Editor