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Google Search


The Google App is so much more than search.


So much more, in fact, that you have to see it to believe it. The team created a site for Google’s flagship product, and brought the magic of the app to the user by recreating the experience right in the browser on any device.

Visit the site.


I had the privilege of finishing and color grading the site’s vibrant photography; creating a tone that would deliver the potential of the Google App to a young, inspired global audience.


I have apps that get me the information I need, but I’ve never seen something like this. The Google App actually expounds on what I can do with the world’s information.


Breaking the rules has never been so easy.


I wanted to break the rules a little here too. Instead of going with a super clean digital look, I chose to emulate portrait 35mm film looks, bringing the authentic feel and organic quality of the film aesthetic to an otherwise UI-heavy site. 


The challenge with the color grade was to create vibrant, contrasty looks that didn’t conflict with the unorthodox placement of the device UI. I felt that the film look, with it’s soft highlight characteristics, would create a nice vignette around the device.

This look was then implemented across the international launch, with Google’s global marketing teams working to reproduce the look with their own photography.



Photography Editor & Colorist




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