Director & Creative

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Grow Agency Reel


As it transitioned into a full-service agency, Grow needed a new reel that would put strategy out front.


Grow came to me to craft a reel designed to convey impact and innovation, and make marketing managers drool a little.


It was an interesting challenge: how do you make a reel without the flashy visuals, with more of a focus on strategy, direct-to-brand innovation, and return on investment? And beyond that, how do you make it cool?


I wanted to express the overall effectiveness and mobile-first strategy by showcasing each project in the context of where it lived: in the hands of users. In order to seamlessly blend these live action elements with animation and UI design, I chose to shoot top-down perspectives on tabletop scenes, styled as the end user’s environment.


I played around a bunch with rhythm: exploring the projects by tapping, swiping, and using them in sync with the music. I wanted to uncover moments with music where the live action movement could be just as rad - or even more rad than a flashy animation.


To shoot the different tabletop scenes, I built a custom rig to mount the 16lb Blackmagic URSA, and designed a look and feel unique to each project.


The editing process was all about finding the rhythmic elements in each project’s best moments, and subtly connecting them with the music to create a momentum that makes a 90-second reel feel like ten seconds.



Director, Editor, Cinematographer