Could Ever — One Sheet


Could Ever is the not-so-side-project of filmmaker & creative Ian Watt. He’s a director in the advertising industry, but really he’s just trying to be a good human. He’s also been making music since forever, but after being asked to open for LANY in fall of 2015 he decided to get kinda serious and make it a thing. After all — he plays drums and sings, so that's new! Prefaced by two EPs, he released “Between Waves” in late 2016, self-producing the album in some random old version of GarageBand. He calls it “wavy internet anthems for vibey kids”. More on that here ↗


He’s working on a new album as we speak, set to release in fall of 2017. The music is evolving from a straightforward anthemic chillwave, carrying the hazy texture into a wavy pop sound. In an effort to be more present with his wife and newborn, also while being more productive in LA traffic, he’s recording vocals in a makeshift car studio while driving to work each day. Should be interesting…


He’ll tell you he feels bookended by music and film. When life is insane (when is it not?) and he needs to process, music is his way to explore loneliness & love, fighting adulthood, regrets & overcoming guilt, or simply trying to be better. After music gets him through these themes, film becomes the subsequent expression; the vehicle with which to share the wisdom gleaned from struggle. This came together in his latest interactive film, "I Got It Wrong". Check it ↗