Director & Creative

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WSJ & Google


Even though 87% of shopping research happens online, 92% of products are still purchased in stores. Google and Grow set out to explore how shopping-related search data could be visualized and understood. Together we created Shopping Insights, a tool to empower retailers with search data to better understand how their customers are shopping.

Launch the project.


Grow came to me to create a video that would showcase the story behind the project, break down the features of the tool, and show its overall impact.


The project was so successful, Google chose to debut it as an official tool at WSJ.D Live, a global conference highlighting emerging technology. I created a product video version for Google, unveiling the tool and showcasing what it can do.


I created the music for both videos, combining the lovable "Googley" music tone with a more modern/trendy sound, creating a vibe that gets your feet tapping.



Director, Editor, Composer